3 Great Arguments for Keeping Eggs a Part of Your Diet

arguments for eating eggs

Whether you love or hate eggs, they are a healthy addition to your diet. Here are 3 great arguments for eating eggs.

1. Cholesterol Warning: False Alarm

First, if you stopped eating eggs because of the warning about their cholesterol content, it was partly right. As a food, one large egg does contain a lot of cholesterol at 212 mg. But, eating cholesterol isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even your own body produces cholesterol in your liver.

Also, a study has shown that eggs can raise the good cholesterol, or HDL, in your body. In addition, one study showed evidence that eating eggs can also reduce insulin resistance along with raising HDL.

2. Really, Really Packed with Nutrients

If you think about it, eggs contain nutrients to foster a chick. So, it is really packed with nutrients. In fact, one whole egg carries small quantities of almost every single vitamin and mineral your body needs. And, some vitamins are in higher concentration, too. For example, one cup of cooked, hard boiled egg has 16% of the daily value of vitamin A.

3. Eggs Have a Brain Food Nutrient

Finally, eggs also contain the nutrient choline. Not that many people know about choline, but it is essential for many of your body’s functions. Your body makes a little, but the majority comes from your diet.

In addition, some studies found a correlation between health effects of dietary choline and increased brain function. This includes the way our brain processes information and memory.

Final Thoughts

So, if you had previously taken eggs out of your diet because you thought they were bad for you, these arguments for eating eggs may put them back on the menu. Eaten in moderation, they can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

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