4 Breakfasts Musts, So you Can Lose Weight in Your Sleep


We all wish there were a magic pill to solve our weight-related problems… But is there a solution that simple? Can it be possible? With slight changes that we can make on a daily basis; Yes! We can make a huge difference over in the long run.

Here’s an oldie that still works: Try eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a pauper and dinner like a beggar. Eating right and at proper timings increases your metabolism, which in turn helps you burn fat while you sleep!  So to get that gorgeous, runway-ready figure by eating these 4 types of foods for breakfast:


#1. Whole Grain Your Day Away

Keep your insulin levels low and stay full longer by eating whole grains, and let go of processed junk favs such as Ring Dings. You will end up eating less and not even miss the empty gap in your stomach. Complex carbohydrates and fiber-rich foods such as whole oats, quinoa and wheat germ are better choices that you should make if you want to lose weight and quick. 

#2. Load up on Sunny-Shine

Citrusy foods such as oranges and tomatoes make for great Mimosas and Bloody Marys, but can they help you shed it off better than your special dance move? Citrus contains high amounts of fiber and vitamin C, so it just might. Fiber, as we know it, helps regulate our digestive system better than any dance move. Vitamin C is known for its super healing powers and can admittedly boost your immune system and fight off that cold before the party starts. Put these two together, and you get superior bowel movements and an appetite suppressant that takes dropping the pounds up a notch.

#3. Calcium, So Join ‘Em

Dairy contains good-for-your-joints-and-bones calcium. This mineral is what we need to break down fat cells. Better to get that from a natural source than a supplement. Don’t just eat a piece of cheese when you feel starved, (Devil Wears Prada), but 3 to 4 servings of low-fat, calcium-rich dairy foods throughout the day and opt for lactose-free options if you must.

#4. Go Pro For Protein

Protein is the main fighter that will turn you into a lean machine. It builds muscle and makes those sexy workouts matter. Grab a bite of some lean turkey sausage or enjoy a grilled chicken omelet. If you can’t handle fleshy options, then take the vegan’s route out: walnuts, almonds, and peanuts are the perfect protein-packed solution.

A hearty breakfast such as a whole grain cereal containing nuts and berries and paired with calcium-rich milk is the key into stepping your way into a slimmer silhouette, so hurry and perhaps before the hot season ends?!


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