4 Delicious And Nutritious Spiralizer Recipes

Beautiful, colorful, and swoon-worthy, spiralizing (is that a word…?) is the trending cooking gadget in the culinary world right now. This technique is a clever way to cut back on the carb and eat more veggies.


#1. Zucchini Pasta by Byron Talbott

Not all of you are a fan of zucchini—I totally get it.

But you seriously need to give this recipe a try. This light, fresh, and simply delicious Zucchini pasta is going to wow your taste buds and keep you feeling good about your bod.

#2. 4 Healthy and Lazy Spiralizer Recipes by Alex French Guy Cooking

Did I hear healthy AND lazy?

Sign me up right away!

(Note: He used bacon and deep frying in some of the recipes. Of course, you smart gals know what to do to cut back the calories, right?)

#3. 3 Delicious Zoodles by The Domestic Geek

Shrimp scampi, Pad Thai, Greek style noodles.

Are you salivating already?

#4. 3 Zoodles Recipes by Clean & Delicious

Raw Caprese, Creamy Avocado, Puttanesca Zoodles—all under 200 calories per serving!

New to the spiralizer game? Check out this video to help you get started!

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