4 Ways To Boost Your Fiber Intake


As part of a healthy eating plan, one of the key things you’ll want to be focusing on is getting enough fiber into your day. Simply put, fiber is what helps prevent heart disease, combats hunger, and may help you maintain a healthier body weight. Not to mention, it helps keep you regular.

Many people lack in their fiber intake because they just don’t know a few easy tips and tricks to get more fiber into their menu.

Curious to know more?

Consider these four strategies.

Go For Raspberries

First, when you’re preparing your next meal and want to add some berries, choose raspberries over other berries. This berry is very rich in dietary fiber, and what’s more, it has a very low sugar content as well.

You’ll actually take in more fiber than you will sugar – a clear winner as far as keeping blood glucose levels stable is concerned.

Add Bran Buds To Your Smoothie

Another smart tip? Try adding some Bran Buds to your smoothie. Bran Buds contain less sugar than their Bran Flake counterparts and will really pack in the fiber – 10 grams per serving.

A few tablespoons added to your blender is a great way to get your fiber intake up and you won’t even notice them in there.

Load Up On Broccoli

Choosing a vegetable for a side dish? Go for broccoli whenever possible. This green vegetable is very rich in insoluble fiber and is also highly versatile. It’s one of the best vegetables to consume.

Swap Beans For Rice

Finally, if brown rice is your most commonly used carb source, you may want to reconsider. Try swapping out some brown rice for some beans instead. Beans are a terrific source of dietary fiber and will also provide some protein as well, so are perfect for any meal plan.

Try using these fiber-boosting tips in your diet and get ready to see some favorable changes in your health and how you feel.

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