5 Commendable Weight Loss Super-foods


The predicament of excessive weight has become a stumbling block for most people, and that’s why they are trying every possible modus-operandi to lose that extra weight. There are distinct types of foods such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water. Well, they are all meant for the good of our bodies, but most importantly, we must take note of which of these foods to facilitate weight loss. Here is a list of the top superfoods to include in your weight loss diet.


Berries in general and blueberries, in particular, are super foods that promote weight loss. They contain antioxidants and polyphenols, which help burn fat, especially abdominal. The high content of fiber and water in blueberries also gives them a satisfying property. Read more about blueberries here


Almonds contain many monounsaturated fatty acids, known for their ability to promote weight loss and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Reminder: almonds, like all walnuts, are very caloric, consume them in moderation.


Grapefruit is an excellent source of vitamin C that stimulates weight loss. This fruit also contains enzymes that promote fat burning and lower insulin resistance.

A daily consumption of grapefruit can, therefore, promote weight loss. However, if you are under medical treatment, you should know that grapefruit blocks an enzyme that encourages the assimilation of drugs. The drug penetrates without being transformed into the bloodstream, which can lead to overdoses.


Carbohydrates found in oats are beneficial in terms of releasing hormone serotonin which helps in burning fats. Moreover, it provides relaxation. Go for a bowl of porridge or muesli-based oatmeal in the morning to fill up on energy!


Lentils are excellent sources of protein and fiber. In addition, they offer spectacular resistant starch fiber (a kind of carbohydrate that improves our metabolic process and burns unnecessary fat).

So these are some of the super foods that you can include in your diet and trigger weight loss to get back to your old shape. However, we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before using this information for Weight Loss because he knows your body the best.

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