5 Health Benefits of Eating Beans

health benefits of eating beans

Beans are the staple of vegetarians everywhere. And there is a reason for it. They are rich in necessary vitamins and minerals to keep a healthy diet. These are five health benefits of eating beans.

1. Nutrient Dense

There are a variety of beans available on the market today. Many cultures incorporate them into their traditional meals. The reason for this is their wide availability and nutrient density.

One of the key minerals of beans is folate. You may be familiar with this mineral for pregnancies as it prevents certain fetal defects. It can also help lower your risk of depression and maintain a healthy heart.

Other nutrients in beans include fiber, iron, magnesium, and zinc.

2. Protein Source

Some people substitute meat and poultry for beans as their main protein source. For a good reason, too. Beans, soy, in particular, contains all nine amino acids that make up complete proteins.

You can also receive protein from other bean sources, too. Though they may be considered incomplete sources, compounding them with different meals during the day can still sufficiently fill your protein requirements.

3. Reduced Risk of Cancer

In addition, eating beans has shown to reduce the risk of cancer. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of beans have yielded positive cancer-fighting data, according to some studies.

Furthermore, black beans are particularly noteworthy for its antioxidant properties in fighting cancer cells.

4. Better for Diabetics and Blood Sugar Metabolism

Another consideration, especially if you are diabetic, is their blood sugar-stabilizing properties. The high fiber content helps level out your blood glucose levels.

A study shows that soybeans may also help your body with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. They are also good for supporting healthy pancreatic cell function. Since the pancreas makes the insulin in your body, eating beans also help support a healthy diabetic diet.

5. Appetite Control

Finally, beans help you control your appetite and leave you feeling full for longer periods. This is in part due to the high fiber content and healthy starches. They can help you with food cravings and even overeating.

Final Thoughts

Reap the health benefits of eating beans by incorporating them into your daily meal plans. There is a variety to choose from and just as many ways to eat them.

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