5 Healthy Foods You Should Only Eat in Moderation

healthy foods you should eat in moderation

When we find out that a certain food is healthy, we sometimes include it in our diet several times a week or even a day. However, there are some healthy foods that can have serious side effects if eaten too often. Here are some healthy foods you should eat in moderation.


Although it’s filled with protein and healthy fats, tuna also has one important health risk – mercury poisoning. Don’t get us wrong – you can safely enjoy tuna several times a week, but eating it every day puts you at a higher risk of ingesting too much mercury.

Green Tea

Green tea is tasty, healthy, and packed with useful antioxidants that can help you prevent cancer. However, compounds found in green tea can also affect your iron absorption, so reduce your green tea intake if you have an iron deficiency.

Red Wine

People like to point out how drinking a glass of red wine every day can do wonders for your health. However, making a habit of drinking alcohol every day can put you at a higher risk of addiction, stroke, cirrhosis, and pancreatitis.

Brown Rice

Although it’s considered one of the healthiest grains, brown rice is definitely one of the healthy foods you should eat in moderation. Too much brown rice can increase your risk of arsenic poisoning. If rice is a large part of your diet, make sure it’s grown in a non-polluted region.

Protein Supplements

A quick and easy way to pack on muscles, protein supplements may not be as healthy as you think. If consumed often, these drinks can expose you to heavy metals like lead, arsenic, and cadmium.


So, there you go – healthy foods you should eat in moderation. Enjoy these nutritious foods from time to time but make sure they don’t have a dominant role in your diet to avoid their potential downsides.

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