5 Key Rules of the Slow-Carb Diet

key rules of the Slow-Carb Diet

The Slow-Carb Diet is based on 5 easy to follow rules that are based on the principle of minimum effective dose (MED). Here are the 5 key rules of the Slow-Carb Diet.

1. No Processed Carbohydrates

Pasta, bread, and cereals made from refined flour should be avoided. The slow-carb diet depends on you avoiding any “white” carbs.

You are, however, allowed to eat these foods within 30 minutes of finishing a resistance workout to increase your strength. But, eating these types of carbohydrates is not effective weight-loss and should not be eaten during days when you are dieting.

2. Find the Right Meals and Eat Repeatedly

The idea behind this philosophy is that there are very few foods that really promote weight-loss. So, if you want to lose weight, build a few meals from foods from the allowed groups. And only eat these accepted meals.

3. Avoid Drinking Your Calories

Another hard rule for this diet is to avoid drinking your calories. Because your drinks carry little or no nutritional value, you should not be wasting your calories on hydrating. Instead, receive calories from your meals.

If you must drink something besides water, you can indulge in calorie-free beverages like coffee or unsweetened tea. Just remember that you do need to stay hydrated. So, make sure you are drinking something throughout the day.

4. Fruit Is Off-Limits

Next, you can’t eat fruits. According to this diet’s philosophy, the fructose in fruits can actually increase your blood fat levels. If this happens, your capacity to lose weight halts and your fat-burning capacity decreased.

Therefore, although most diets recommend fruit as part of a well-balanced diet, this diet prohibits you from eating them.

5. One Free Day a Week

And finally, after all your hard work 6 days a week, you can have one free day to eat what you want. So, all the food and drinks you deprived yourself of during the week you are free to indulge in on this one day.

Final Thoughts

These 5 key rules of the Slow-Carb Diet are easy to remember but may be hard to follow. Start out small until you can incorporate these rules without being overwhelmed.

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