Avoid These 5 Foods That Can Give You Acne

foods that can cause acne

When you think of acne, teenagers pop into your mind. That’s not accurate though. Acne can hit us at any age. This is due to our fluctuating hormone levels at various life stages.

Diet also plays a part in it though. You may be indulging in something that can make your acne worse. We’ve rounded up the usual foods that can cause acne. Read on and learn why you might want to avoid some of these.

Refined Sugars

When you eat refined sugars, it drives up your blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that higher blood sugar means you are 30% more likely to develop an acne outbreak.


To put this bluntly, if you consume dairy – you’re four times more likely to experience acne. While the link has not been fully explained, it’s thought that the cause lies in your blood sugar levels. Similar to refined sugars, consuming dairy messes with your insulin levels which raises your blood sugar levels.

Fast Food

When you think of foods that can cause acne, fast food should be your first thought. Fast food is filled with calories, fat, and refined carbohydrates. These are all things that have been linked to acne, so by combining them, you’re only making it worse for yourself.


Recent studies have shown that eating chocolate makes your immune system more responsive to acne-causing bacteria. This could be the reason why it causes acne.

Anything You’re Sensitive Too

This is when it’d help to exercise common sense. If you know that you are overly sensitive to something, avoid it. Think back to what you were eating at the time of your last bad outbreak. Chances are that’s what caused it.

In Conclusion

Not all foods that cause acne will have the same reaction on everyone. By paying attention to your own circumstances, you’ll know what works best for you.

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