Cutting Carbs to Cut Pounds

cutting carbs to lose weight

It can easily seem like carbs are in everything that’s good in life. Pasta, pizza, bread, and potatoes. The thought of having to cut those things out can sound like torture to some people. Reducing the intake though can lead to weight loss.

With one-third of all Americans experiencing unhealthy weight levels, something needs to be done. Cutting carbs to lose weight may be the easiest approach.

Does It Work?

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, cutting carbs to lose weight can work. You don’t want to cut them out completely. It’s a good idea just to reduce the amount you consume, or at least eliminate the ‘empty carbs’ from your diet.

Carbs leave you feeling full, but they don’t have a lasting full feeling. This means that if your diet consists of mostly carbs, you may find yourself getting hungry more often. The more you eat, obviously the more weight you’ll gain.

On the basis of a 2000 calorie diet, the healthy level of carbs is around 280 grams. To lose weight, it’s best to reduce that to something between 50 and 150 grams. At those levels, you will lose weight easily enough.

Tips to Ditch Carb

If the idea of cutting carbs to lose weight is a little scary, it’s best to ease yourself into it. If possible, get a friend to try out this lifestyle with you. That way you guys can support each other when the going gets tough.

Try cutting out sugar, white flour, and potatoes to start with. Each of those things are full of carbs and can leave you feeling heavy and sluggish. Although you might have to spend more time reading labels in supermarkets, it’s worth it in the long run.

Where possible, don’t give in to after-dinner cravings either. The carbs we eat at night are harder to process.

In Conclusion

Cutting out carbs to lose weight could revolutionize your approach to dieting. It’s important to make this a lifestyle though, if you want your results to last long term.

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