Eating with Asthma: Dietary Suggestions for the Asthmatic

eating with asthma

Asthma is something that a substantial portion of the world suffers from and it has the potential to be deadly. As of late, many are beginning to suggest that there are certain things you can be eating with asthma that will help your day to day life.

What Food Helps?

Fruits and vegetables are extremely important for people with asthma. They’re known to contain the antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin B, and beta-carotene. These particular antioxidants are believed to help relieve certain irritations and inflammations in the lungs which can help with preventing asthma attacks.

Vitamin D is equally important in the diets of asthmatic people. While soaking up the sun is one way to boost vitamin D levels, there are others. Loading up on food such as salmon or eggs are an effective way to help with this on days where sunbathing is not an option.

What Should You Avoid?

As with any list of things you should be eating, there are a few things that you really shouldn’t be eating with asthma. This includes fruits that are dried or pickled, shrimp, and (unfortunately) wine. The reason is because these contain a form of sulfite used to preserve food. While it’s not completely confirmed that sulfite is bad for people with asthma, it could be linked to higher sodium levels. In contrast, current research suggests that lower sodium levels are beneficial to those living with asthma.


Eating is something that is done every day, more often than not without a second thought. It is studies such as those linked above that really highlight the extra thought that we should put on our dietary choices. For those suffering from asthma, simply modifying what they eat could potentially end up saving their life.

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