Everything You Need to Know About Detox Diets

Detox diets

Detox diets seem to be everywhere in the media lately, but there are conflicting ideas as to what they are. To put it simply, it’s a diet that allows your body to rid itself of toxins that you may have ingested via food or the environment. The aim is to remove built-up toxins that your body has been holding onto. It’s believed that it’s then easier to lose weight and pursue good health. While this definition seems straightforward, it’s the methods that vary.

What Methods Are There

The most common detox diets revolve around a liquid diet. Essentially you live day to day, for a certain time frame, by only ingesting liquids. This usually consists of water with natural herbs and/or citrus juice. The herbs are believed to do the work of a multivitamin, while the liquid caters to the belief that a hydrated body cannot hold many toxins as they’ll be flushed out. The citrus juice seems to be just for flavor.

There Are Others

The liquid diet is just one example though. There are also pads for your feet to draw out iron and fasting methods to train your stomach. There are multivitamin routines to strengthen your body. Even the good old-fashioned clean eating diet is somewhat of a detox diet. It’s said that the green vegetable ingredients are a massive support in helping toxins find a pathway out of your body.


It’s important to know that the body works naturally to detoxify you. Your liver and kidneys play the primary role in this process. The detoxification methods listed above, while popular on social media, are lacking firm scientific evidence. That’s not to say they won’t work for you though. As with any big change that has to do with your health, it’s important to consult your family doctor or primary care physician before going ahead with it.

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