Foods Under 200 Calories That Make You Full

foods under 200 calories that make you full

If you have a big appetite, you may be disenchanted with your diet offerings. Your meal plans don’t need to leave you hungry. Here are some foods under 200 calories that make you full.

Low-Calorie Food Examples to Fill Your Stomach

Popcorn is one the most popular snacks. It is also under 200 calories. But, this low-fat version is not movie popcorn or flavored popcorn. The popcorn needs to be air popped. Make sure you go light on the salt, too. A 3-cup portion is under 200 calories. And having to chew it so much tricks your stomach into thinking it’s full.

Double your serving of vegetables in your meals. Vegetables are generally low energy dense food. That means that you can eat more, but it contains fewer calories. Vegetables have a lot of water content that assists in the feeling of fullness.

Fruit with a non-fat or dairy alternative yogurt is also another low-calorie food that can make you feel full. One 8-ounce non-fat yogurt paired with a half cup of mixed berries is not only good for you it will also keep you full.

Another low-calorie food that can make you feel full is a couple of tablespoons of nuts. You can mix with dried fruits in a trail mix. This combination can also make you feel full. Just make sure you choose a variety that does not have any added sugar or salt. You can even add it to entrees to make your meal seem bigger than it really is.

Final Thoughts

There are many foods under 200 calories that make you full. You can create your own combinations. Just remember to use fresh produce when you can. Fruits and vegetables are one of the best foods you can eat large portions of and not have to worry about calories.

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