The 3 Best and Healthiest Sugar Substitutes

healthiest sugar substitutes

For something that’s in so many different foods and drinks, sugar sure can pack a nasty punch with its side effects. Over the last few years, there’s been a boom in the number of people who have ‘quit’ sugar. They’ve spouted benefits such as reducing diabetes risks, more positive moods, and better heart health. If the idea of quitting it altogether sounds scary, these healthiest sugar substitutes might make things a little easier for you.


While normal sugar molecules contain six carbon atoms, xylitol only has 5. This means that in addition to sweetening like sugar does, it also helps stop bacteria growth. This can prevent tooth decay because when bacteria multiply in your body it can create acids that attack your teeth. Xylitol is also completely natural as it’s found in fruits and vegetables.


This potential substitute is probably already in your pantry. It’s important to make sure it’s organic honey and not one that’s filled with additives or preservatives. Raw honey is best, as it’s filled with nutrients and vitamins. Compared to sugar, you will get much higher levels of nutrients with honey. These include calcium, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B. Aside from that, it also tastes delicious.


When it comes to the healthiest sugar substitutes, stevia may be the most well-known. It comes from the Stevia rebaudiana herb, which is native to Paraguay. The leaves have properties which give off a naturally sweet taste. This makes it an effective sugar substitute. It can help to improve folic acid levels, and it’s a good source of vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and potassium.

In Conclusion

Listed above are the three healthiest sugar substitutes. If you find yourself leaning towards the idea of quitting sugar, introducing these into your diet can make the process easier.

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