The 3 Healthiest Types of Rice We Can Eat

healthiest types of rice

Rice is a much-loved product. It’s delicious and versatile. Think about it. There are so many dishes that rice can be added to. Being a grain, it also has the added bonus of satisfying your hunger quickly. There are many different types of rice though, which can lead to confusion. This is why we wish to alert you to the healthiest types of rice.

Wild Rice

Wild rice came to us as the result of cross-pollination, but this has led to it having some key elements to be among the healthiest types of rice. It’s a whole grain, which means it keeps its essential minerals and vitamins.

Studies have shown that adding wild rice to a diet can help reduce the fatty acids in our bodies. It can also lower cholesterol levels, due to the effect it has on lipid levels.

Brown Rice

When it comes to the healthiest types of rice, brown rice would have to be the most common. While white rice gets a lot of its nutrients stripped away in production, brown rice remains very close to its original whole grain stage. This means it retains a lot of its minerals and vitamins.

It’s a good source for many of the B vitamins, including B1, B6, and B3. These are essential for metabolism and creating energy. It also has high levels of magnesium to help with your bones.

Black Rice

Black rice has earned its place amongst the healthiest types of rice. Its benefits include anti-inflammatory properties. It contains high quantities of anthocyanins which help reduce swelling. This, in turn, can also benefit those who have asthma. By reducing inflammation, it leaves the airways open. From a nutrition point of view, it is also high in iron. This can help those suffering from anemia.

In Conclusion

Before reaching for the plain old white rice, consider these 3 options. They really are the healthiest types of rice available, and they can do great things when combined with a healthy diet.

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