The Three Key Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

When someone says the words cottage cheese to you, do you turn your nose up? For most people, cottage cheese goes on the list of foods they dislike eating. Whether it’s the texture or the taste, you hardly ever go near the stuff. But, did you know that there are great health benefits that come from eating cottage cheese?

Let’s take a closer look.

Slow Digesting Protein

First, the type of protein found in cottage cheese is casein protein, which is slower digesting then most other proteins. This makes cottage cheese an excellent option when you’re looking to control your appetite and watch your body weight.

Calcium Intake

Next, like all dairy, you’ll get a good dose of calcium when consuming cottage cheese. Getting enough calcium into your menu is important to promote strong bones and regular muscular contractions. Most people are falling short, so that’s another good reason to add cottage cheese into your day.

Low Sugar Content

Finally, unlike most other forms of dairy, cottage cheese is actually relatively low in sugar content. Milk, for instance, contains over 10 grams of sugar per cup. This is more than most people can afford in their diet plan. Cottage cheese ranks lower however as the lactose content isn’t as great.

If you’re watching your body weight, this makes cottage cheese an excellent protein source to be adding. The protein content in this food also helps further stabilize blood glucose levels, so it’s excellent for promoting long term fat burning.

So there you have three great reasons to start eating more cottage cheese. Have you gotten your daily dose in? Try serving it with some fresh fruit or blended into a fruit smoothie if you really just can’t stand the taste of it. Get creative and see what methods you can come up with to get it into your diet plan.


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