Why Your Diet Should Be Supplemented with Resistance Training

your diet should be supplemented with resistance training

Even if your only goal when it comes to dieting is to lose weight, you should make sure to work on your muscle mass as well. If you want to stay in the best shape possible, your diet should be supplemented with resistance training.

Why Is Exercise Important When You’re on a Diet?

When you start eating less food, you burn through your fat reserves. However, this can reduce your muscle mass as well. Brittle bones are another possibility.

Therefore, you need to find a safe exercise plan to add to your diet. Not only will it make you stronger, but it will also keep up your bone density and improve your metabolism.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is also called weight training. It is a workout where you use weights or another kind of force to improve your muscle strength. Doing it regularly will also improve your breathing and your bone health.

There are different types of resistance training, for example:

  • Weightlifting. You may prefer a weight machine or simple old-fashioned dumbbells.
  • Resistance bands. These giant rubber bands provide a force you can stretch against. They’re especially good for flexibility exercises.
  • Using your body weight. Push-ups and squats are resistance training, too. After all, you’re using your muscles to resist gravity.

Can Anyone Do It?

For most people, resistance training is the very best choice. Even total beginners can do it safely if they follow some basic rules, such as starting with a low number of exercises and resting between sets.

But if you have a medical condition, such as a spinal injury, some forms of resistance training are off the table for you. Ask your medical professional about your best options.

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